After 13 years of hard work and patience, pop singer Kaitlyn Lin releases single “Fate”

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Kaitlyn Lin

Kaitlyn Lin has had the song “Fate” running through her head for over a decade. She has finally been able to perform and record the piece and is now releasing it to the world.

While some people seem to fall into the music industry with everything laid out ready and waiting for them, others face many more challenges to pursue their dreams.

Singapore native Kaitlyn Lin understands this well. An ambitious and passionate singer, Kaitlyn wasn’t blessed with having learned to play instruments at an early age. 

So as she worked hard to be a professional singer, other skills like playing the piano, had to be added to her arsenal along the way. And that’s exactly what she did.

Now in exciting news, Kaitlyn recently announced she is releasing her second single “Fate” – a song very important to her – because she conceived it before being able to play the music.

The whole process took 13 years until it met her expectations, with the music finally coming to life after crossing paths with a local well-known malay producer, Amyr Abadawn, during her music journey. It was the biggest turning point in her life.

The collaboration between both was considered a surprise as it aroused curiosity within the music industry, with the fact being that Amyr is a non-chinese who has no knowledge of the language.

However, they have both proved that there are no boundaries when it comes to music, and have complemented each other to achieve the final product.

This is officially their second collaboration together, with their first single “”Withstand” (承受)unexpectedly hitting the top 10 of Singapore iTunes charts when it was released in June.

“Fate” will be available as a digital download on August 1st, 2020 across all of the major online platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Tik Tok and popular China platforms.

“This is incredibly exciting,” commented Kaitlyn about her new song finally being released. “I am feeling anxious as well as it is officially my first self-composed song which had been in storage for 13 whole years – Fancy that! But this song is a song of love, light and positivity. Most importantly, it comes from the heart so I am looking forward to the response.”

“Fate” is a romantic song, delivered with Kaitlyn’s signature angelic vocals that has won over so many fans. In addition, she is multilingual, something that is reflected in how her popularity is rising across Asia and beyond.

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