Bahrain, US 5th Fleet’s headquarters, signs 5G with Huawei

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Bahrain, US 5th Fleet’s headquarters, signs 5G with Huawei

“Bahrain, headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, plans to roll out a commercial 5G mobile network by June, partly using Huawei technology despite the United States’ concerns the Chinese telecom giant’s equipment could be used for spying.

Washington has warned countries against using Chinese technology, saying Huawei could be used by Beijing to spy on the West …” reported by India-based ET Telecom from Dubai on March 26.

It further highlighted that Bahrain has “ … no concern at this stage as long as this technology is meeting our standards,’ Bahrain’s Telecommunications Minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed told Reuters on Tuesday when asked about U.S. concerns over Huawei technology.

The U.S. embassy in Bahrain did not immediately respond to a request for comment …

“The U.S. Fifth Fleet uses its base in Bahrain, a Western-allied island state off the Saudi coast, to patrol several important shipping lanes, including near Iran …”

Huawei is becoming a big headache to the Deep State in the US. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “Britain must ban Huawei from building its 5G network or risk being cut out of future Five Eyes intelligence gathering operations, one of the UK’s foremost China experts has warned.

The Australian Strategist Policy Institute (ASPI) also voiced out a warning on March 25. Michael Shoebridge, ASPI director of the defence and strategy program, dismantled the no-worry logic in the speech delivered by Britain’s top cybersecurity official, Ciaran Martin in Brussels.

Washington’s last resort to restrict Huawei’s expansion is to ban the sale of hi-tech chips to Chinese companies. However, it is a short-lived measure as Beijing will definitely source a long term solution.

Suppose Britain would return to the anti-Huawei camp, and given the post-Brexit-EU’s decreasing reliance on the US, an interesting scene may emerge in the world politics of technologies — the five English-speaking powers plus Japan on one hand, and the Rest of the world on the other. Such a dynamic is unprecedented, and how Germany and Israel may take side could have significant influence on the final outcome.

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