China says its J-31 is superior to F-35, and will be new carrier-borne fighter jet

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J-31 is displayed along with PL-15E air-to-air missile in Zhuhai Airshow describes the J-31 in its report “曝歼31配新型导弹高清照 被指将终结美军空中优势[图]” as China’s new carrier-borne fighter jet for China’s Type 003 aircraft carrier.

The speculation is based on the J-31’s Chief Designer Sun Cong’s recent comment on social media that China will make public its new carrier-borne fighter jet by year end.

The report describes the J-31 as a stealth fighter jet with conventional Pneumatic configuration, DSI inlet, trapezoidal wings, V-tail and internal weapon bays. It is relatively difficult to detect.

It has fine electronic countermeasure and is able to do target reconnaissance, comprehensively process external information and conduct beyond visual range, high off-boresight, omnidirectional attack at multiple targets. It is, in addition, highly cost effective due to its low price.

Source: Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements

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