Dolph Ziggler vs Santa Claas (2008)

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Dolph Ziggler vs Santa Claas (2008)

It started with Santa handing out presents to the crowd, and ended up with Dolph Ziggler dropping Santa to the ground with some sort of reverse bulldog. Just to put people’s minds to rest, it wasn’t the real Santa. It was Charlie Haas in a Santa suit, introduced as Santa Claas from the South Pole.

He started handing out presents, then tried to give a present to Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler wanted no part of it, and told the ref to ring the bell.

Ziggler took control early, and takes time out to introduce himself to the crowd, which gets Santa riled up. Santa whips Ziggler into the buckle, but Ziggler takes control again, drop kicking Santa.

Ziggler then gets Santa in a headlock, and the crowd starts chanting for Santa. Santa fights back to his feet, but Ziggler puts him back down again straight away.

Then Ziggler decides to choke Santa on the ropes, before getting him back in a headlock. The headlock seems to go on forever, then Ziggler misses an elbow drop, allowing Santa to make a comeback.

Santa gives a series of right hand hits, followed by a dropkick. Then Santa misses a charge, and Ziggler comes in with a reverse buldog, to get the three count.

After the match, Ziggler rips the Santa costume, with referee Marty Elias telling Ziggler “Don’t do this to Santa.”

Dolph Ziggler was the winner of the match, but it’s a sure bet Santa has cut him off the Christmas card list this year.

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