Ukraine: One Chessboard, One Master  

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Joe Biden

The United States left Afghanistan on 30 August 2021. Most people thought that the USA was running away. However, they were leaving Afghanistan in a planned manner, only for an untrained eye it looked like the US was running away.

So why were they leaving. The idea was brilliant. With the Taliban at the helm of the affairs the US wanted the Central Asia to descend into chaos. That would have sorted out, China and Iran.

Unfortunately the Taliban didn’t live up to the expectations. Therefore, the United States went for the ‘Plan B’. The Ukraine war. 

In addition to the pawns Russia and Ukraine, four major players are gaining or losing from the war. The United States, Germany, China and India. My latest article explores the unexplored.

My (@InsightGL) in-depth analysis on India’s leading ‘Think-Tank’ organization ‘Chanakya Forum’:

Tony Simon

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