Nakheel Tower Dubai To Be New World's Tallest Building

Projected Height Of Nakheel Tower DubaiThe Burj Dubai, not even completed yet, is about to be dethroned as the world’s tallest building. The Nakheel Tower, also in Dubai, was announced last month, to stand at over one kilometre high.

The exact height and number of floors wasn’t announced by Nakheel, the developer that is constructing  the building.  They don’t want others to be thinking about building a taller building.

They would only say at this stage, it will be at least a kilometre high, and will be limited to 200 floors, but this could change.  The Burj Dubai is estimated to have 160 floors when it is completed next year.

The entire complex will also include the world’s first inner city harbour.

Nakheel Tower and Harbor Dubai UAE

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