Design and Inspiration for Nakheel Tower in Dubai

Nakheel Tower Dubai UAEThe Nakheel Tower, the future world’s tallest skyscraper, will consist of four individual towers. It will feature design elements from Spain’s gardens of Alhambra, Egypt’s harbor of Alexandria, Iran’s Isfahan bridges, and Morocco’s promenade of Tangier, and wil be a “green project”.

“Nakheel has sought inspiration not just from Islamic design but also from the Islamic principles of inclusion, innovation, diversity, excellence, growth and progress. These are the same principles that have motivated and guided Islamic culture and helped create its great cities throughout history. Now they are shaping the cities of the future,” says Sultan bin Sulayem.

As all the “things” of the future will be green, this is the case of the Nakheel harbor & Tower as the transportation system will be based on trains and buses, as well as water and metro transportation, not on cars.

“The inspiration for the project came from Sheikh Mohammed’s vision for building for tomorrow. He is famously quoted as saying that ‘before evaluating the future, we have to take a quick look at the past. For it is the foundation of tomorrow’. It sends another message to the world that Dubai has a vision like no other place on earth,” concluded Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem.

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Nakheel Tower and Harbor Dubai UAE

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