Lost In Space Robot Actor Bob May Dies

Lost In Space Robot Bob MayBob May died Sunday, aged 69. For three years on the classic 1960s sci-fi series Lost in Space, Bob May, in the words of costar Bill Mumy, “managed to create a classic TV personality out of a claustrophoic fiberglass prop.”

The robot costume gave May, a showbiz lifer who also worked as a stuntman, his most famous role, even if it left his face unseen—and his voice unheard.

“He memorized 40-50 pages of dialogue each week for 84 episodes, and delivered it with passion and rhythm while all the time knowing that it would eventually be rerecorded by Dick Tufeld,” Mumy wrote on his Website this past weekend.

Yes, it was Tufeld, not May, who could be heard warning Mumy’s young Will Robinson of “Danger!” But, ultimately, it was May who made the robot. And vice versa.

As May himself said at a 2007 fan convention: “It was my home away from home.”

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  1. C3PO got his fame. It’s great that you gave ‘the robot’ a nod. Did it even have a name? It’s like what was Dudley Do-right horse’s name?


    • In the second season episode “Ghost Planet” he is called “Robot B-9.”

      In another episode (I can’t remember the name) they travel back in time to just before the launch. There is a crate in Dr Smiths office, containing the Robot. On the side there is the acronym G.U.N.T.H.E.R. It stood for General Utility Non Theorizing Environmental Robot.

      Mostly, however, they just called him Robot.

      Dudley Do-Right’s horse was just called Horse. Nell was more interested in Horse than Dudley, despite Dudley’s best efforts to pursue Nell romantically.


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