SkiGym Simulator

The SkiGym simulator looks like it’s going for realism rather than the silly fun offered by the Wii, but some people probably want an accurate depiction of brief exhilaration before the inevitable faceplant.

The SkiGym hooks up to a PC to use the included game Alpine Ski Racing, or it can be used as a standalone gym. The game includes 32 different courses from 18 real-world mountains, just to add to the realism. It’s available for a bank account-crushing $2300, which if I’m not mistaken could purchase a pretty sweet ski trip, but if you’re loaded and scared of crashing, give it a look.

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7 replies

  1. I think i woulod wait a few years for the cheaper models, or the used ones to show up on eBay!


  2. What about … real snow ???? For that price you can get a week in the Alps!


  3. dude, this would be perfect for me. I have fibromyalgia and cold makes it worse. I would buy some spray snow in a can if I really wanted to see white. Too bad I don’t have any money and my house is kinda small for that. I think I’ll just stick with wii fit.


  4. It is interesting, but, like the earlier sewing machines with the computer screen, maybe a bit over the top.


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