Jiading Confucius Temple in Shanghai

Jiading Confucian Temple Near Shanghai

Jiading is an ancient town located in Jiading District, about 20 kilometres northwest of Shanghai. On the southside of Jiading, in South Street, is the famous Confucius Temple, known locally as Jiading Kongmiao.

It is one of the biggest and best preserved temples in Eastern China. It also serves as the Jiading Museum, and provides information about the 1300 year history of the area during Imperial times, as well as the Ancient Qiyuansee period. There are full and accurate descriptions of the beginning, development and disappearance of Imperial China, relevant to the Jiadong area.

This temple was first built in 1219, during the twelfth year of the Jiading period of the South Song Dynasty. Later renovations, reconstruction and extensions occurred during the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. As a result, the temple was famous as the the best temple in the central area of Wu.

A stone balustrade leads to the temple, adorned with 72 stone lions, each with a unique pose. Three memorial archways, named Yanggao, Xingxian and Yucai, are erected outside the temple, along this balustrade.

The main building of the temple is the majestic Dacheng Palace. Inside the palace is a statue of Confucius, and calligraphy sculptures of Lanyu, often regarded as the best existing records of the ideology of Confucius. In the corridors of Mingluntang Hall are ancient inscriptions with extremely high archaeological value.

In 1958, the municipal museum of Jiading was built at the temple. Among the exhibits are 90 stone tablets with ancient inscriptions

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  1. Dear Craig,

    Spectacular blog. I read some of your stories and they are very interesting.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. It’s a humbling experience, being recognized by someone as talented as you.



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  3. We missed seeing htis temple in Shanghai! We were quite frankly templed out 🙂


  4. Been here … I think, they took us to so many fantastic places and temple – the Seaman Club in Shanghai, by the way do you know that they have or had the longest bar in the world. (1978-79)
    I recall the bridge on your photo.
    They also took us to something very special – it was like after school – school, where the children learn all the arts – ballet, theater, painting, play all kind of instruments. Can’t for my life recall the name of it – want to write a post about it. Went to a couple of those after “schools schools” as I call them. They had a special name. Getting old – or my hard drive is getting overfilled.



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