Bo Xilai case puts Chinese Communist Party’s solitary detention in focus

Looking at incommunicado detention in China, and discussing what Bo Xilai could face under shuanggui, a widely feared internal disciplinary action that is outside the reach of Chinese law.

In China, as elsewhere, famous cases enhance popular understanding of the legal system. Just a year ago, when Beijing police detained noted Chinese artist Ai Weiwei incommunicado for 81 days, they exposed national and foreign audiences to their unlawful abuse of “residential surveillance”.

Now the Communist Party has subjected Bo Xilai , Chongqing’s deposed party secretary, to the party disciplinary procedure of shuanggui (literally “double designation”), bringing public attention to another extra-legal, widely feared type of incommunicado detention with an innocuous name.

The simultaneous confinement of Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai , on murder charges illustrates a third type of incommunicado detention, one authorised by law until the newly revised Criminal Procedure Law takes effect in January.

Jerome A. Cohen
South China Morning Post

Contributed by Chan Kai Yee (Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements)

Categories: Human Rights & Social Issues

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