Capsules Made of Toxic Gelatin, Another Food Scandal in China

Since the mass protests due to melamine milk scandal, the Chinese government, though imprisoning protest leader Zhao Lianhai, has begun to pay attention to the problems of poisoned food. In spite of that, lots of food scandals soon followed. The major ones were toxic bean-sprouts, pesticide-drenched green beans, milk tainted with leather-hydrolysed protein, dumplings made of aluminium-contaminated rice, pork that glows in the dark, pork with remnants of lean meat powder, toxic take-away boxes and sewer oil (oil produced from food leftovers collected from sewer).

Frustrated, the government now employed police to deal with the problem, punished producers of sewer oil severely and awarded those who provide information on sewer oil production. Still as all things are obedient to money, driven by greed for money, similar problems keep on cropping up.

The newest one was discovered last week: drug capsules made from industrial gelatin containing toxic chromium.

CCTV reported yesterday that according to Ministry of Public Security, as soon as the toxic capsules incident emerged, it deployed its branches in Hebei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, etc. to make investigation. So far 77 million drug capsules made from industrial gelatin containing toxic chromium had been confiscated, 9 suspects were arrested, 54 suspects detained, and 80 industrial gelatin and gel capsule production lines, sealed.

Liu Aiguo, an employee of the Hebei Fucheng Xueyang Gelatin Factory was arrested for setting fire to the factory in an attempt to destroy evidence. Those who gave Liu instruction to destroy the evidence were detained for the crime including Song Jiangxin, former Chairman of Fucheng County Wangji Township People’s Congress and Song Xunjie, sales manager of the factory.

Two drug manufacturers’ drug production licenses were revoked for serious violation of the law and regulations and relevant respondent people were transferred to the judiciary to be held responsible for the crimes.

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