Harmful addictive food additive on sale in Nanjing, China

A pork dish, popular in China

Jiangsu Satellite TV reports that there is a pork additive on sale in Nanjing called “King of Kings of Pork Seasoning” that gives stewed pork a special flavour, but is addictive like poppy.

A chef told the reporter the additive was banned by law and he never ate pork seasoned with such additive, but the boss of the store selling it argued that the additive was up to the standards and he could produce the document of approval for it.

According to Prof. Mo Baoqing of Nanjing Medical University, the food additive is a very complicated mixture of synthetic chemicals so far not governed by national food safety standards or the standards on use of food additives. It is entirely possible for the additive to be addictive as it contains lots of salt, gourmet powder and other seasoning chemicals. He frankly said that long-term use of synthetic food additive is certainly harmful to health.

Be on your guard when you have a plate of very delicious pork with a special flavour at a Chinese restaurant, especially in Nanjing.

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  1. Reblogged this on Craig Hill.


  2. Something like MSG? I’m sure glad I’m vegetarian.


  3. Sorry, due to the low moral standards among some Chinese people, not only every kind of food, vegetable or meat, but also medicine are at risk. There have been scandles about milk, pork, cabbage, food oil, Chiense herb medicine, capsules for medicine, etc. We do not know what other problems may emerge. The only advice I can give is be careful with food in or from China.


  4. Any idea what is in the additive? What symptoms occur after eating it? Have there been any toxicity studies?


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