Test flights of J-15 fighter on China’s first aircraft carrier

China's J-15 Fighter

According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, China’s first aircraft carrier returned to Dalian Port on April 30 after 11 days of test in the sea. People in Xingcheng City on the Hulu Island, Liaoning said that recently there had been an increase in flights of military planes, and the noise from them was often heard at night.

Perhaps, the test this time was the long-expected trial flight of the J-15 fighter from the carrier. The J-15 is a carrier-based fighter aircraft developed by China.

On April 26, Defence Ministry spokesman Geng Yan said that the preliminary phase of the sea tests of the carrier have achieved the expected results and a series of scientific research tests will follow as planned.

It is obvious that test of the J-15 taking off from the carrier has been carried out, but it is still unknown whether landing test has also been carried out. However, America certainly knew the whole process through its satellites. If tests of both taking-off and landing have been successful, the vessel may soon be commissioned.

Analysts wonder whether the timing of the test a couple of days before US Secretary of State Clinton’s Beijing visit was a mere coincidence. As China conducted the first test flight of its J-20 stealth bomber two days before U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates’ Beijing visit, they believe it was not.

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