Officials accounted for half of 800 guests to billionaire son’s luxurious wedding

Wuxi, China

According to “Xiandai Kuaibao (Modern Express)”, a subsidiary of People’s Daily in Nanjing, China, Mr Chen, a billionaire who has been doing business in Wuxi City for over two decades, gave a wedding banquet for his son at the cost of RMB300 per head the day before yesterday. Among the more than 800 guests, there were more than 400 government officials. Some of the officials came to the banquet by official cars with license numbers beginning with “9”.

As for why half the guests invited were officials, the billionaire gave the explanation that he had made quite a few friends when he did business in Wuxi. He just wanted to ask them to come to be happy along with him when he son was married and had not given it too much thought.

The Wuxi City Disciplinary Inspection Commission said that invitation to a wedding banquet is in fact based on personal friendship. Workers in Party and government organisations can attend such a banquet as long as it did not affect their work, but the authority absolutely would not allow government officials to use the banquet as an opportunity to gather money and wealth.

I believe perhaps the billionaire becomes rich because he has so many influential officials as his friends. Connections are indeed vital in doing business in China?

It reminds me of Zhu Rongji who criticised officials for attending an expensive banquet when he was Shanghai mayor.

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