Toxic cabbage another food scandal in China

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper gives a story based on Middle Shandong Morning Post’s report that a new toxic food, toxic cabbage, has emerged in Shandong, China.

Recently, people in Shandong find that cabbages on the market have a pungent smell and guess that they have been sprayed with formaldehyde to keep them fresh. Upon enquiry, local cabbage farmers frankly admit that due to hot weather, cabbages spoil in a couple of days; therefore, it is necessary to keep cabbages fresh by some chemical. The chemical solution able to keep cabbage fresh is made of formaldehyde by local cabbage wholesalers on their own and the use of such chemical has already become a “default rule” in the trade. It will not be discovered if cabbages are put on sale after removal of their outer leaves.

The reporter made random purchase of three batches of cabbage on the markets in Jinan and sent them to Shandong Light Industry Collegef or test. Formaldehyde was found in the roots and leaves of two of the samples.

The toxin in formaldehyde destructs the sarcode in the protein of cells. Long-term taking of food containing it may harm people’s skin, respiratory track and viscera, paralyze nervous centralis and cause pneumonedema, cancer, liver and kidney damage, etc.

Some experts suggest: As it is well soluble, formaldehyde can be removed as long as a cabbage has been washed carefully. However, what if there is still remnant of it in the cabbage? It is easy to keep cabbages fresh in a cellar and cabbage after all is a low-cost product. Why would farmers and wholesalers take the risk in using a poisonous chemical to keep cabbage fresh? It seems that people’s life and health are worth nothing in the minds of those farmers and wholesalers.

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  2. What is going on …. over there ????? We have keep cabbage fresh so long as it has been around.


  3. Those farmers and wholesalers need to eat vegetables too, and all the vegetables they eat are equally toxic because everyone does that! Idiots



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