Guangdong Party Boss: The Party cannot make you happy!

Guangdong Party Boss Wang Yang

  • The Party cannot make you happy.
  • It can boost the economy;
  • It can increase your income;
  • It can provide you with lots of commodities,
  • But it cannot give you human rights and democracy.
  • You have to pursue happiness yourselves.
  • Strive for human rights and democracy, buddy!

by Chan Kai Yee

Yesterday, Guangdong Party boss Wang Yang said at Guangdong Party congress, “We should eradicate the wrong concept that happiness is a benevolent gift from the party and the government.”

For the first time an enlightened Party official deviated from the Party’s years of propaganda that has urged citizens to view the party as a benefactor and provider of happiness. Perhaps he knows that the Party cannot make you happy as it fails to give you human rights and democracy.

For the report on his speech, please refer to my post “ – Wang Yang says the party can’t make you happy”.

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4 replies

  1. some bold words


    • People can strive for human rights and democracy peacefully as human rights and democracy have been wirtten into China’s constitution.

      In my book, I describes a silent peaceful coup in China to substitute intellectuals’ dominance for uneducated wokers’ and peasants dominance. It was the coup that has enabled China to succeed in its economic reform and opening up.

      I also point out China’s route to democracy in the book. Its core is China’s Mencius democracy, which few people know as it was distorted by feudal dynasties for centuries.

      I do not believe in armed revolution, but there will not be human rights and democracy if people inside and outside the Chinese Communist Party do not strive for them.


  2. Reblogged this on Craig Hill.


  3. Great! I now love Wang Yang ❤ irrespective of whether or not transparent democracy is applicable in China…it's very cool to see a cadre encouraging it.


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