Philippine president stopped veterans’ protest tour to Scarborough Shoal

Hong Kong media SCMP reports this morning, “At least two fishing vessels set to travel to disputed island in protest against Chinese ‘aggression’ as moves to resolve row over fishing rights continue.” It says the move “could complicate efforts by Beijing and the Philippines to resolve a tense maritime stand-off.”

However, Commercial Radio Hong Kong reports at a little past 1:00 pm that Philippine President Aquino III stopped the protest tour.

According to the station, a Filipino retired officer planned to bring people to the Shoal to fish for three days and raise Philippine national flag on the island, but Philippine president told him to suspend his plan. The retired officer decided to postpone the protest. Philippine navy, however, says that no citizen is allowed to go to the Shoal

A commentary in Global Times under People’s Daily criticises the Philippines for encouraging its people to stir up conflict while proposing negotiations for joint development and exploitation in South China Sea. It holds that China shall respond with a severe attitude and points out that China can adopt economic measures to pressure the Philippines. However, it also says that it is not necessary to conduct high-profile confrontation against the Philippines but shall remain cold and consume the Philippines.

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  1. it’s very brave to stand up to aggressors. One of my brothers recently spoke to me about the great bravery of the Tiananmen protesters fighting for freedom. This brother spoke of one man in particular who stood in front of the advancing tanks. We agreed that such a courageous act is beyond bravery…it is *valor* of *the highest order*.


  2. philippines own it


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