China expands its ocean surveillance fleet

Xiangyanghong 06

Ming Pao: ChinaNews Service: Today, the Xiangyanghong 06, a new 4,900 ton ocean surveillance ship, joins China’s No. 1 Ocean Surveillance Fleet and sets out on its virgin right-protection patrol for 10 days in the Yellow Sea

The commissioning ceremony was held at Tuandao Dock,Qingdao under the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration. It will be the 18th large modern vessel under that branch.

The ship, 91 meters long, 14.7 meters wide and 7.6 meters molded death, is installed with side propelling devices at its bow. Its full-load displacement is 4,900 ton, maximum speed, 13.5 knot with a cruising radius of 15,000 nautical miles. It can remain self-supported for 60 days and has a crew of 60.

It is a well-equipped modern multipurpose ocean surveillance ship. It is commissioned to enhance the equipment of the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration. This is of great significance in improving the branch’s ocean survey capability and strengthening its capacity in administering China’s maritime territory, protecting its rights and enforcing its law. It is a multifunctional survey ship. Besides fulfilling the tasks of right-protection and law-enforcement patrol, it can also satisfy the requirements for scientific inspection and survey. On the very day when it is commissioned, Xiangyanghong 06 immediately set out to the Yellow Sea to fulfil its task of a 10-day right-protection patrol.

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