Chen speaks positive of China, Chai Ling fears he is under control

Ming Pao reports: Former student movement leader Chai Ling says that blind Chinese rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng spoke positively of the Chinese government when he arrived in the United States, giving her the impression that Chen is under control when he speaks.

Chen and his family have arrived in New York. He is happy that he has finally arrived, and expressed his gratitude many times.

Chen and his family arrived at Newark Liberty Airport, New Jersey by a United Airlines flight at about 6:00am Hong Kong time today. Accompanied by his wife Yuen Weijing and Jerome Cohen, a professor of Law Faculty at New York University, he arrived at the university to meet media. It was the first time he met media in public after he fled house arrest from his house to the American embassy, and was then hospitalised.

He began his speech by saying, “Through lots of twists and turns, I have finally come out from Shandong.” He said that it was through the assistance of lots of friends that he was able to succeed in fleeing house arrest. Regarding the Chinese government’s attitude in dealing with the matter, he was very happy to see the Chinese government’s “restraint and soberness.”

Chai Ling, who has long been absent in public, specially brought flowers to welcome Chan. She said that for some time in the past, they had all prayed hard for Chen, and hoped that he would regain his freedom. Seeing the day of freedom finally comes, she is really happy for Chen.

However, when she found that Chen spoke positively about the Chinese government throughout his meeting with media, Chai Ling said it was not the Chen Guangcheng she knew.

Chai Ling said that Chen could not be really free in his speech when he was surrounded by media immediately after his arrival in the United States. What he said throughout the meeting was very courteous and polite, as if he was under control. As for under whose control, Chai Ling said with a profound air, “That’s unknown.”

Chai Ling said, it was perhaps because Chen was still worried about the safety of his relatives back home, or he had been misled. She hopes that Chen will really obtain freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the media.

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