Zhou Yongkang elected a congress delegate

Zhou Yongkang

According to Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily and SCMP and China’s Xinjiang Daily, in Xinjiang’s election of 42 Xinjiang delegates to the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), CCP Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang was elected a delegate. Previously, there were various kinds of rumours on Zhou falling into disgrace as he was regarded as Bo Xilai’s close ally.

A British newspaper even reported on May 14 that Zhou had been deprived of his power, remained in his post as security tsar merely in name, and confessed his errors before other top leaders.

Domestically, the rumours seemed to have great credibility among common people. On May 4, 16 senile CCP members wrote an open letter to CCP central authority demanding the removal of Zhou from his office and disqualification of Zhou as a delegate to the coming 18th CCP Congress. The letter was published by the news website http://www.canyu.org on May 9.

However, in its efforts to dispel all those domestic and foreign rumors, full text of Zhou’s speech was published in the CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily. On May 17 a 4.5-minute footage of Zhou’s inspection tour in Xinjiang was aired in China’s official TV prime news. In the morning of May 18, the top leaders, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping even personally attended a meeting and listen to Zhou’s long speech.

However later the same day, Zhou was found missing in the list of Hebei delegates to 18th CCP Congress. There was renewed speculation that Zhou has fallen out of favor and is not allowed to attend the important Congress because Zhou attended the 17th CCP Congress as a Hebei delegate.

To dispel such speculation, Xinjiang Daily says in its report on May 17 that on May 16, Xinjiang Autonomous Region elected 42 Xinjiang delegates to the 18th CCP Congress. Zhou Yongkang, the candidate nominated by the Central authority, was unanimously elected and his election was “hailed with prolonged applause by all the participants of the election”.

The CCP central leadership is such an impenetrable black box that people have to rely on imagination and speculation in their efforts to report its operation.

However, do not be frustrated by repeated errors in your speculation. As described in the well-known Chinese saying on Chinese palace coups, “Sound of ax and shadows of people in candle light, eternal mystery.” Some of the events that happen in the black box may remain eternal mystery.

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