Beware of North Korean navy pirates and army robbers

The kidnapped Chinese fishing boats have returned home, but that is not the end of the story. Hong Kong and even Chinese Mainland media reports clearly show that the kidnappers are North Korean navy in short supply of everything.

China’s Oriental Satellite TV interviewed the ship owners and found that the kidnappers are in North Korean navy uniform and armed with guns. They raided all the three fishing boats and took away everything, even the clothes of the crews, and left the crews in their underwear.

It seems that they are worse than Somali pirates, as they did not even give the crews food and locked them in a small garbage cabin without food. The crews had to relieve themselves in the dark cabin.

Obviously, either Kim Jong-un has lost control of North Korean military or seeing nuclear blackmail does not work, he has switched to turn his troops into pirates and robbers to resolve their shortage of food. In addition to the kidnap of fishing boats, China’s Global Times says, “Currently there are rumours about misbehaviour from North Koreans in the border areas between the two countries”.

Therefore, China shall be on alert that its close ally may become pirates and robbers and raid Chinese boats and houses.

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