First batch of 20,000 North Korean workers in China

North Korean WorkersHong Kong’s Singtao Daily reports: According to South  Korea’s  “Korean Daily”, the Chinese government is issuing work visas to allow 20,000 North Koreans to work in the three Northeast provinces.

The Korean paper cites diplomatic sources in Seoul, that in order to ease the labour shortage in the three Northeast provinces, the authorities have decided to let in 20,000 North Korean labourers to work as “industrial study students”. An enterprise in Tulin, Jilin Province has recently employed 29 North Korean women and another batch of 160 North Korean women will be sent to that area. Sources say the monthly pay for a North Korean worker exceeds US$150.

In my previous posts on Sino-North Korean and US-North Korean relations, I said that China would be benefited from North Korea’s isolation in exploiting North Korea’s cheap labour and rich natural resources. It seems this process has now begun on quite a large scale.

A better way is for China to set up joint ventures in North Korea, but perhaps the conservative officials there are difficult to deal with. Allowing North Korean labourers into China does enable China to get cheap labour, but there may be setbacks:

First, judging by the trouble caused by North Korean navy pirates and army bandits, allowing male workers may worsen China’s public security situation; therefore, it seems that China is clever to employ mostly women from North Korea;

Second, I do not know why Korean girls are better looking than Chinese girls on average. Their family education makes Korean girls obedient and responsible wives. When I worked in Qingdao in the past, I often heard Chinese boys say that they wanted to marry Korean girls. Due to preference of boys, there is already a sex imbalance in China of about 108 boys to 100 girls of the same age. Despite this, Chinese girls have difficulty finding husbands. When lots of North Korean women are allowed to work in China, there will be a flood of good looking North Korean girls for Chinese boys to marry. It will then be even more difficult for Chinese girls to find husbands.

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  1. Reblogged this on PithyFish and commented:
    Really interesting read from the China Daily Mail blog, a blog I discovered recently when they liked one of my posts.
    I’d recommend this blog to all ya’ll expats living in Asia. They seem to be putting out some really interesting reads.


  2. The PRC seems to have a love/hate relationship with North Korea.


  3. Seems to me, China is caught between unaffordable subsidy of North Korea or allowing the South to do it; it’s clear that the North can’t stand on its own. Allowing some economically productive workers in beats trying to cope with hordes of refugees…at least, until the Chinese public starts to complain. But with the size of the problem in North Korea, it’s likely just sticking a thumb into the hole in the dam.
    I publish no opinions re Chinese girls vs, Korean girls or any other girls, for that matter…at least, not where my wife might see.


  4. LMAO @ the better-looking Korean girls furthering the imbalance… Just lol…


  5. Initially I am looking for a way to say thanks for ‘liking’ one of my recent posts. I am curious as it doesn’t show up on my web page, just an email notification. It says “liked your ” ” post.
    Now, I find this story of yours intriguing. An inherent imbalance of female/male population could easily explain a shortage of female workers, but to think of an unemployment rate so low as to justify hiring from North Korea is unexpected. If it is exploitation of workers because of lower wages, Chinese girls are being insulted.
    If it’s the government’s way of offsetting the gender imbalance, not sure what to conclude.


  6. It is very interesting question that Korean girls are better looking. There are books about the Korean culture you should probably read if you are really interested. Korean culture encourages girls to look better. Many North Korean women still wear makeup when their major concern is to find food(no China women bothered to do that when they suffered in famine!)


    • I would still regard it as a mystery. I do not want to boast that my wife was a beauty when she was young, but she does come from the arer that was China’s well-known beauty Xi Shi’s homeland. When she was pregnant with my first daughter, she wanted to read maganzines with photos oor pictures of beautiful women. I asked her why. She said that at her native village, people used to do so in order that the baby would look better. However we could not get any due to the Cultural Revolution.

      Six years later when she was pregnan with my second daughter, we did manage to get some, The girl is much pettier than my first daughter. I do not know whether that works, but people in that area are really better looking.



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