China kidnapped by stubborn force in Party: Chen Guangcheng

Ming Pao special report: On May 25, blind rights activist Chen Guangcheng said in an interview with Radio Free Asia in New York, “Our country is now kidnapped by stubborn force in the Communist Party and the government is entirely unable to function normally under duress.”

In an edited clip, Chen criticised failure of clear implementation of law in China’s legal system. For example, local officials in Linyi, Shandong, threatened him, “We just need not care what the law says. We will do what we want.” Chen said that was something very terrible.

He said he would reveal “shocking” information at an appropriate time, but he did not say what or who it was related to. “I would not talk about it now, but when I talk, I believe all people, even those who have lost all but a little remnant conscience, will be astonished by it.”

Chen said that he knew many friends were concerned with him, but he needed time to adapt. That was why he had not accepted media’s interviews over the past few days. “At most, it has been but 4 to 5 days since Sunday. Moreover, we have been having trouble for a long time… My friends are too much concerned with me and may think it has been a long time. Anyway, I myself think that it has been quite a short time.” He said medical workers had continued to come to his home to treat his foot injury. Sources say that democracy activist Wang Dan is to visit him this week.

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