China’s investigation of Bo Xilai extends to State Security Ministry spy scandal

Bo Xilai

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao quotes The New York Times that, according to an US official, the recent arrest of a high official in the State Security Ministry for spying for the US was the result of the series of investigations of Bo Xilai’s case. There is no way to confirm whether the spy case is related to other investigations, but there have indeed been some serious activities underway in the Chinese State Security Ministry, and it is hard to predict what will happen next. However, it is very clear that those activities are in the aftermath of the Bo saga.

It was reported that earlier this year quite a few of China’s modern international relations research workers were banned from leaving China. Sources believe the ban is related to the State Security Ministry. According to Reuters, the spy case in the Ministry is perhaps the most serious case of divulging state secrets in the past 20 years. So far, it is not clear what secrets the arrested official divulged to the US, nor whether the secrets have caused China to compromise with the US.

According to, sources in Beijing say that the case of Neil Heywood’s murder by Gu Kailai will be closed this summer before top leaders’ meetings at Beidaihe. Gu will be given a suspended death sentence while Zhang Xiaojun, another person involved in the case, will be given the death penalty. Bo Xilai’s case will be separate from those two people’s case.

Sources say that the Party does not want the case to draw on for too long, or to affect the Party’s 18th Congress scheduled in the latter half of this year. Gu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun are not the only people involved in the case. There are other officials who assisted in dealing with the aftermaths of the murder. Wan Lijun’s statement in the Central Disciplinary Commission’s investigation plays a vital role in the case as Wang has kept a piece of Neil Heywood’s corpse as evidence.

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