Chinese Party wants Tiananmen incident not mentioned

Chen Xitong

Yao Jianfu, the writer of a major Tiananmen butcher’s memoirs, was told by authorities to suspend publication of the book. June 4 will be an eternal embarrassment for the Party if it is not vindicated.

My book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” aims first of all at refuting Li Peng’s justification of the Tiananmen Massacre in his memoirs, but does not mention Chen Xitong. It does not mean that Chen is a “small potato” or “puppet” in the incident, as Chen wants us to believe. All those who paid attention to the news then are very clear that Chen was one of the major Tiananmen butchers, ranking next only to Li Peng. As the then Beijing mayor, he personally directed the entire operation of the massacre. Li Peng told the truth in his memoirs that Chen was chief commander then.

Chen himself clearly enjoyed the limelight given to him, the honour granted him to read the key report to justify the killing (the report to the NPC Standing Committee on the incident), and the promotion into the Politburo. Everybody could see the obvious increase in his arrogance after the Massacre.

Why does he publish his memoirs now, to deny his role as chief commander that he willingly performed at that time? Why does he deny that along with Li Peng he lied about the situation to Deng Xiaoping?

He now realises that, according to developments in the future, his role as a major Tiananmen butcher will bring eternal shame to him and his offspring.

According to Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily, there has been some recent complication. Yao Jianfu, the writer of Chen’s memoirs, was called to an interview with an official of his work unit. Yao is unwilling to reveal what was said during the interview and only said, “I cannot talk about it now. Anyway, there is pressure.” Bao Pu, the publisher of the book, said that the books have already been distributed to various bookstores in Hong Kong and its publication will not be affected.

The book entitled “Personal Narration by Chen Xitong: Public Clamor Can Melt Metals, but Truth Remains”. In the memoirs, Chen Xitong said that he was only a “puppy” in the June 4 Incident, and denied that he “lied about the situation” to Deng Xiaoping. Does he speak the truth? Obviously not. I pointed out that in my previous posts “Is Tiananmen butcher Chen Xitong remorseful?” and will not repeat here.

Chen described his imprisonment for corruption as the greatest wronged case since the Cultural Revolution. It proves again he is not remorseful. In my previous post, I said that he should feel lucky that he was only punished by a few years’ imprisonment. He deserves the death penalty as he has killed so many young heroes at Tiananmen. He said he regrets the killing, but as a firm communist he opposes the student movement for democracy. Yes, he regrets the killing now but not at that time. He now understands that the Massacre has brought great trouble to himself and the Party. Better imprison those heroes and torture them. As a “firm communist”, he believes so now.

Zhao Ziyang pointed out on page 28 of his memoirs that Li Peng, Li Ximing and Chen Xitong took the lead in determining that the student movement was anti-Party and anti-socialist in nature. Yes, Chen did not lie about the situation then. As a “firm communist”, he regarded students’ struggles for democracy as an anti-Party and anti-socialism political struggle, and told Deng Xiaoping so. He told what he believed then and believes now.

As he is not remorseful, he does not realise that what he believes is a lie. The struggle for democracy is not anti-Party or anti-socialist in nature. Quite a few enlightened people in the Party are striving for democracy now. It is socialism with Chinese characteristics!

The publication of the book just before the 23rd anniversary of June 4 attracted much interest. When Yao, 80, accepted Singtao’s telephone interview, he confirmed that he was called to have an interview with the leader of his work unit mainly about Chen Xitong’s book, but he was not willing to reveal the contents of the conversations, but confirmed there was pressure

Gao Yu, a senior Beijing media man, revealed in his Twitter that the relevant leader “was ordered to request” temporary suspension of the publication of Chen’s memoirs.

Bao Pu, the publisher of the book, told a Singtao reporter yesterday that he was not aware of Yao being called to an interview and stressed that the books had already been distributed to various bookstores in Hong Kong for readers to buy at any time.

On May 30, Radio Free Asia called Yuan Mu, State Council’s spokesman at the time of the Massacre, who tried hard to justify the Massacre at that time. Yuan was asked about the June 4 Incident and Chen Xitong’s book. Yuan said, “It is a long story that cannot be made clear in telephone conversations. I do not know things about them.”

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