Jasmine Revolution China call for national mourning for June 4

According to an exclusive report by Ming Pao: As it will be the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre today, June 4, following previous public mourning in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, people on the Chinese Mainland will hold mourning activities, simultaneously on June 4.

Jasmine Revolution China website issued an announcement yesterday calling on people to mourn for June 4 at 2:00pm sharp today (and yesterday) at major walking sites and various cities’ central squares. People should dress in black and wear sun glasses to show their support for rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng and other right activists.

The announcement requests people to pass the message on June 4 anonymously on the Internet. It says that there is an opportunity for political changes this year. Li Peng, the Premier in 1989, was anxious to publish his diary to justify the massacre while belittling his responsibility for the killing.

Former Beijing mayor Chen Xitong suddenly published his memoir now, 23 years after the massacre, to deny his responsibility. This indicates the fear of the officials whose hands were stained with blood, and their anxiety to shirk their responsibility, because they know that large-scale mass movement will soon break out, and they will not be able to use violence to maintain the status quo. The occurrence of lots of public incidents has made China the focus of world attention, and will give rise to major changes in China’s political situation.

However, perhaps due to the authorities’ persecution of Jasmine activists in the past, Radio Television Hong Kong says by 2:40 pm yesterday, no gathering of people had been seen in Tiananmen Square or Wangfujing Street, nor has there been increase in the number of security personnel there.

Radio Free Asia quotes the words of Zheng Jianming, who went to Beijing to complain to the authority about forced demolition of his home in Shanghai in 2007, that Shanghai people plan to go to Beijing to mourn for June 4 because of the rampant corruption in land grabs.

In addition, the radio station quotes Tiananmen mother Ding Jianling’s comments on Tiananmen butcher Chen Xitong’s memoirs, that publication of the book should not be banned. People do not care that Chen mixes truth and lies in his memoirs, as people can make distinction between truth and lies. From the book, people can imagine Chen’s fear of the seriousness of his crime, and the gravity of his responsibility for the killing. Therefore, Chen shirks all the responsibility to deceased Deng Xiaoping.

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