Frequent sea tests for August commissioning of China’s aircraft carrier

According to a report on June 10, China’s first aircraft carrier left for another sea test on June 7 after 6 days of rest. According to Hong Kong’s, some commentators believe that such frequent sea tests prove that it will soon be commissioned. The Defence Ministry says that it is quite normal to hold many sea tests of the carrier.

It is reported that people guess that after completion of many tests, China’s first aircraft carrier is expected to be commissioned in the navy on August 1, China’s Army Day, and a formal launch ceremony will be held around October 1. The aircraft carrier will be placed under the direct command of the Central Military Commission and will serve in the South China Sea according to initial plans.

According to an analysis made by based on the news from Shenzhen SEC Daily and (Legal Evening News), the carrier stayed at Dalian, Liaodong Province, for six days and left for sea again on June 7 for its eighth sea test. It is expected to stay on the sea for 13 days.

Such frequent sea tests sufficiently prove that the aircraft is making final preparations for being commissioned, and that sea tests have become a common operation of the carrier. The interval between two tests is so short that it shows that the scientific and technological research and training have been going smoothly.

Since last August, China’s aircraft carrier has undergone eight tests. The recent test began 6 days after the aircraft carrier came back to port on June 1, after the seventh test which lasted ten days. Since April 20, the carrier has undergone four ten-day tests in a row.

Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said at a press conference on May 31 that since last August, the carrier has undergone many sea tests and there is a follow-up plan to carry out a series of scientific research tests. That is both normal and necessary.

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  1. Sigh… Why must our countries be worrying so much about military build up…


    • Oh, and great article, by the way. Meant to include that. : )


      • I am glad you like it. China is now conducting an arms race with the US in earnest. Though it lags far behind the US, it wants to at least able to counter the US in case of US intervension with its South China Sea disputes with its neighbors. China is stepping up its military buildup while the US is increasing its military deployment in Asia-Paciiic from 50% to 60%. America has openly declared that while China is doing that silently. The arms race is originated from mutual distrust instead of any real threat from either side. I am closely monitoring the situation and hope the US to be on alert as it is the mainstay for world peace; while current Chinese leaders are peace-loving. The greatest worry is that there is no mechanism in China to prevent the emergence of a tyrant like Hitler or Mao if China surpasses the US in economic and military power.



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