Wealthy Philippine Chinese community makes Aquino speak about peace

Manila Chinatown

Radio Television Hong Kong reports, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III says that both the Philippines and China are striving to resolve the South China Sea disputes peacefully through diplomacy.

Aquino was speaking when he attended Sino-Philippine friendship activities, sponsored by Philippine Chinese organisations. He said in a speech at the activities that the relations between the two countries are win-win mutually beneficial ones, and cooperation should be intensified continuously.

At the same event, Ma Keqing, Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, stressed in his speech that he believes the South China Sea dispute can be satisfactorily resolved as long as both parties proceed on the overall interests of their relations.

As mentioned in my previous post “Chinese capitalism will defeat American capitalism” in February, when China was very poor and backward, lots of Chinese emigrated to South East Asia. They started their business there from nothing, and gradually established their superior economic strength in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other regional countries. Their offspring keep their Chinese cultural tradition and remain patriotic to China. Their wealth has made them so influential that President Aquino has to attend their activities to please them. The strong Chinese community will certainly affect Philippine politics and be an important factor that facilitates a peaceful solution of the disputes.

Chinese people have such strong nationalism that, since the Scarborough Shoal stand off, Chinese people have refrained from buying Philippine bananas of their own accord, without being affected by official propaganda. Most people have become very interested in China’s weapon development, and there has been a loud outcry among Chinese people to punish the Philippines by military force.

With wisdom, Chinese leaders decided to resolve the issue peacefully in spite of popular pressure. They would be foolish if they resorted to force and set an image as bullies to the world. Developing peaceful economic cooperation should be their priority. China is now investing heavily in Asia and Africa, and many people have moved to these areas. A few decades from now, there will be similar wealthy influential Chinese communities in those countries like in South East Asia now.

America, though  heavily invested in other countries, has no such American communities abroad. Now, the US wants to withdraw its investment and jobs from China, and return them to America. Imagine the world a few decades from now when there are wealthy influential Chinese communities in many countries, while America has none.

That is why I say that Chinese capitalism will defeat American capitalism.

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