China’s manned submersible dives 7,020 meters deep

China News Services says, according to news from the Sea Test Land-Base Safeguarding Centre, on June 24, China’s submersible the Jiaolong set China’s new record of manned diving depth at test sea area of Mariana Trench, West Pacific.

The submersible broke the 7,000-meter barrier to reach a depth of 7,020 meters. It is a historical record of diving depth for that type of submersible not only in China but also in the world.

On June 24, the Jiaolong conducted its fourth diving test at Mariana Trench, West Pacific. At 8:45 am, it went to a depth of 7,005 meters in excess of 7,000 meters. At 9:15 am, it reached the bottom at the maximum depth of 7,020 meters.

According to information from the headquarters at the site, at 9:15 am, the Jiaolong stayed steadily at the depth of 7,020 meters at the bottom.

It is said that at present both the crew and equipment are normal.

Before the Jiaolong was built, there were only four countries, the United States, Japan, France and Russia, that had deep manned submersibles. The maximum work depth of those countries’ deep submersibles is 6,500 meters; while the maximum designed work depth of the Jiaolong is 7,000 meters.

It has such functions as deep-sea mining, high-accuracy sea-bottom topographic survey, survey and capture of suspected objects, deep-sea biological inspection, and others. In theory, its work scope covers 99.8% of the sea areas in the world.

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