Officials rounded up for economic crimes in Guangdong, China

Wang Yang

SCMP reports, Guangdong party boss Wang Yang has “launched a high-profile campaign against economic crimes” since February. “More than a thousand party cadres and civil servants across the province are under investigation.”

“As part of the campaign, 300 armed police, under the command of the Guangdong government, raided the office of a property developer in Huizhou, east of Guangzhou, on Friday. They arrested 40 people, the Southern Metropolis News reported yesterday. The developer was identified as Hu Weisheng, or Vincent Wu, and he holds a US passport and Hong Kong ID card. The report said Huizhou police were not notified about the operation, nor did the government give a reason for the raid.”

Hu Weisheng, a Huidong County native, is said to be quite influential among the Chinese in the entire Los Angeles area.

In a separate report, Hong Kong’s Ming Pao says that Guangdong raised the slogan of “three strikes and two constructions” at the beginning of this year. “Three strikes” are striking the malpractices of domination of the market, manufacture and sale of fakes and commercial bribes; while “two constructions” are to build up social credit and market supervision systems. Zhu Mingguo, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, is in charge of the task force for the “three strikes”.

According to Ming Pao, the scope of “three strikes and two constructions” is quite wide. It covers the development of a clean government. The downfall of Xie Pengfei, a former deputy secretary general with the provincial government, and Wei Jinfeng, deputy head of the province’s financial bureau, mentioned in the SCMP report, were also the results of the campaign. Provincial Party boss Wang Yang said that for the “three strikes”, the point of breakthrough should be “fighting against organized crime and removing evils.” In doing so, full measures should be adopted, and efforts should be made to destroy the headquarters.

The paper says, in fighting against organized crime, accuracy in identifying the targets is often stressed in Guangdong. In March this year, the police destroyed Hong Kong triad Sun Yee On’s branch in Shajing, Shenzhen and arrested 102 of its major members including its head.

Click here for the SCMP report

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