Month: July 2012

China’s newest city: Sansha to build 83 low-rent apartments

Authorities in Sansha City, which was established last week on Yongxing Island in China‘s southernmost province of Hainan, have decided to build 83 low-rent apartments for its residents, the People’s Daily reported on July 30, 2012. The island is currently… Read More ›

Beijing floods kill 77

The flood that drowned the Capital of China on 21st of July has killed 77 people, according to the government authority. This figure is twice as high as the initial death toll announced previously, which had been fiercely questioned by angry… Read More ›

Intel: NASDAQ No Chinese Safety Net

Safety Net? Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, beat predictions for its second-quarter earnings, but forecast third-quarter sales that were lower than analysts had estimated, as an economic slowdown in China erodes demand. For the second quarter, the company reported… Read More ›

China Faces Pension Crisis

Study predicts a USD 2.8 trillion pension shortage in China next year. By the year 2013, China will face a pension gap of RMB 18.3 trillion (about USD 2.8 trillion), says  Ma Jun, chief economist and investment strategist of Deutsche Bank Greater… Read More ›

Hong Kong: Paradise Lost

I visited Hong Kong in 2011.  After forty minutes of entry formalities at customs, I stepped into Hong Kong, a land of ridiculous housing price, luxury hotels and restaurants, fast walking people, and a touch of freedom that as a… Read More ›