Tremendous changes in North Korea in response to China’s success

Britain’s Daily Mail says in its report entitled “North Korea rebranded: Kim Jong Un attempts to give country new image by allowing residents to have mobiles and eat pizza”:

“North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un is stepping up his attempt to rebrand his nation by relaxing a series of laws, it was claimed today.

“Research has found more women are wearing trousers, platform shoes and earrings, while more mobile phones have been made available.

“Kim Jong Un has also endorsed previously banned foods like pizza, French fries and hamburgers — and given children free trips to zoos and amusement parks.”

In my post “A Dynasty on the Verge of Collapse” on January 29, I said that the North Korean official news agency reflected the lack of loyalty among North Korean people to the Kim Dynasty in its New Year report. “Ultimately, it (the Kim Dynasty) has to feed its people and improve their living standards, especially when its neighbours South Korea and China have become rich and mass protests for democracy are spreading to quite a few countries.” Otherwise, North Korea’s Kim Dynasty is doomed to collapse.

The developments since then prove that North Korea is really turning a new leaf. It is opening up wide to China and is benefiting and will further benefit China by provision of its cheap labour, market and natural resources. I pointed out that the isolation of North Korea may turn it into China’s dependency.

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