China warns ASEAN not to talk about South China Sea disputes

Liu Weimin

China warned ASEAN nations to avoid mentioning territorial disputes with the Philippines and Vietnam at a security meeting this week, rebuffing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call for talks on the issue.

Clinton indicated yesterday the U.S. would raise concerns over the South China Sea during meetings in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where envoys from 26 Asia-Pacific countries and the European Union meet tomorrow. Speaking at a press conference in Hanoi with Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, Clinton called competing claims in the waters a “critical issue.”

The Asean meetings are “not an appropriate venue for discussing the South China Sea,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told reporters in Beijing yesterday, in response to a question over U.S. concerns about a code of conduct in the waters. “Intentional stirring up of the issue is ignoring the nations striving for development, intentionally kidnapping the relationship between China and Asean.”

The diplomatic sparring reflects concern over China’s move last month to develop disputed areas of the South China Sea with oil and gas reserves that Hanoi’s leaders already awarded to companies including Exxon Mobil Corp. and OAO Gazprom. Vietnam and the Philippines reject China’s map of the waters as a basis for development, and have sought a regional solution to increase their bargaining power with Asia’s biggest military spender.

Vietnam Role

“U.S.-China relations will likely be the elephant in the room,” Ernest Bower and Prashanth Parameswaran of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington wrote in a report two days ago. “Asean states continue to be concerned that tensions between a United States ‘rebalancing’ to Asia and a rising China will disrupt regional peace and stability and drag them into disputes.”

Clinton visited Vietnam before the security summit in Cambodia in part to get a sense of the government’s posture and thinking about the South China Sea, according to a State Department official who was not authorised to speak on the record.

“The United States appreciates Vietnam’s contributions to a collaborative diplomatic resolution of disputes and a reduction of tensions in the South China Sea,” Clinton said in Hanoi. The U.S. looks “to Asean to make rapid progress with China towards an effective Code of Conduct.”

Engaging China

Asean member states, including four with claims in the South China Sea, reached an agreement two days ago on rules for operating in the waters and will seek talks with China. The Philippines raised the issue yesterday during a meeting of envoys from Asean, China, Japan and South Korea, according to Kao Kim Hourn, an official with Cambodia’s foreign ministry.

Vietnam Oil & Gas Group, also known as PetroVietnam, called on China National Offshore Oil Corp., the government-owned parent of Cnooc Ltd. (883), to cancel an invitation for foreign companies to explore nine blocks in the South China Sea. Chinese vessels last year cut the cables of a PetroVietnam survey ship and chased away a boat in waters delimited by the Philippines.

While the U.S. remains concerned about the South China Sea, Clinton’s comments appear to be softer than in previous years, according to Gary Li, head of marine and aviation forecasting at Exclusive Analysis Ltd., a London-based business advisory firm.

The U.S. is “not as forwardly anti-China as last time round,” he wrote in an e-mail. That combined with “the lack of any bilateral mechanisms in the code of conduct will mean there will be little change in China’s posture on the South China Sea.”


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  2. China’s Deng Xiaopeng [sic] asked other rising nations to “get together and throw out the Chinese leadership for being faithless to communist ideals” if China ever did evil and was aggressive and threatened the interests of other rising nations (would be Viet Nam, Philippines, in this case). Seems China is now a craven imperialist project as bad as its nemesis, the West. Chinese leadership now is frightened, almost-panicking, bureaucrats with their fiefdoms and whose main professional ambitions are to get their millions offshore and build a mansion in MacLean or Hawaii as quickly as possible.



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