China Weibo can’t handle the truth

On the Internet in China, the “truth” has vanished. The truth is not out there.

The Chinese word for “truth” (真相) has been blocked from Sina Weibo, China‘s leading social media site.

It might seem like a bad Orwellian joke, or a satirical headline from “The Onion,” but it’s true.

This is what CNN saw when they searched for “the truth” on Sina Weibo on July 13. And here’s the translation: “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, search results for ‘the truth’ cannot be displayed.”

It’s not known how long the term has been censored, why the block was put in place, or when the censors might allow “the truth” to come back.

But it does mean that, for now at least, Sina Weibo can’t handle the “truth.”


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  1. Classic China!


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    The truth is out there, even if you have to search under a different name.



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