China’s top leaders attach importance to petition handling

Zhou Yongkang

SCMP reports, “Zhou Yongkang, the top mainland official in charge of law and order, yesterday called for better handling of people’s complaints and urged officials to take a preventive approach before people’s discontent turned into radical action.”

SCMP says, “Speaking at a national conference to officials from the letters and petition bureaus across the country, Zhou said they should take the initiative to face people’s grievances and resolve them at an early stage.

“He added that officials should take multiple measures to allow people to voice their complaints. The authorities should improve the ways petitions are handled and establish a comprehensive system to prevent or reduce the number of petitions, which are the traditional means by which common people convey their complaints to leaders.”

The importance attached to the bureaus’ work was indicated in the footages shown by official TV in prime-time news of Top leaders Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and their respective likely successors Vice-President Xi Jinping and Vice premier Li Keqiang attending the conference, shaking hands with participants and taking photographs with them.

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