No scruples about using navy against China, Japanese Prime Minister says

Yoshihiko Noda

Radio Television Hong Kong reports early this morning “Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda says that if Chinese vessels break into Japanese maritime territory near Senkaku Islands, Japan will have no scruples about sending Self-Defence Forces to deal with them.”

It seems Japan prepares to fight a naval battle. Will China avoid the war by restricting its vessels? I said in my post “War with the Philippines or Japan?” on July 18, “A naval war between China and Japan in 2014, the 120th anniversary of China’s naval defeat, for revenge is now quite a hot topic among Chinese people.” However, I believe that China does not want to fight a naval battle against Japan now.

Japan has now thrown down the glove. Will China take up the glove?

Chinese leaders should be extraordinarily wise in dealing with this tricky issue.

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  2. You see the diffrence between Mr Hu and Mr Noda? One is so timid and fearful about using its navy to defend its territory against the Philippines while the other has no hesitation about having its navy deal with China if the Chinese navy ventures into the Daioyu isands waters.

    Shame on the spineless and *less Mr Hu giving China such a poor cowardly image. Please go. Immediately.


    • Aye. And he can’t talk also. At least Mr Noda and Mr Aquino can talk and make comments against China. Mr Hu does not do such thing. Why is he sitting in that chair? Demote him to Minister of Commerce and Economy. That should be his level of competence. he has no leadership attributes.



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