China: Thousands of protesters occupied Qidong government office

Police and protesters clash in Qidong

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao reports, “A mass of people broke into Jiangsu Province’s Qidong City Government yesterday morning in protest of a waste water discharge project, which they claimed would cause pollution.” According to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, several thousand people took part in the demonstration.

“Xinhua reports, about 6:00 am, a large-scale mass demonstration took place in Qidong City, Nantong, Jiangsu in protest of the waste water discharge to the sea area near Qidong by Japan’s Oji Paper. According to the estimate by Xinhua’s reporter on the spot, several thousand people took part in the demonstration.

“According to separate media reports earlier, the incident concerns a Japanese paper manufacturer’s plan to build the outlet of its waste water at Qidong, Jiangsu. It has given rise to people’s concern and worry for quite a few days, and some people expressed their opposition through the Internet and by other communications means.

“This morning, a large number of people broke into the City Government, occupied its building, pushed down its gate and broke lots of glass windows. Police were present at the site for surveillance and control but did not take any action. At about 9:00 am, riot police arrived at the site.

“Besides, Qidong City Government issued a notice on its official website this morning, calling for the people to comply with discipline. The notice says:

“Dear Comrade Citizens,

You are all very much concerned about Nantong’s large project of up-to-standard water discharge to the sea. Nantong City Government has studied the issue and environmental impact of the project is being assessed now. Citizens’ opinions will be solicited widely and listened to. If the mass of citizens do not consent, implementation of the project will cease in Qidong. Please do satisfactorily maintain Qidong’s good situation of development and comply with the discipline. Please pay attention to your health in the heat of this summer.”

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  1. If a nation wants to be free,the chains will be broken, and night must be followed by day light.Excellent post.


  2. people will wake now, because the power belongs to people



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