120,000 North Koreans to work in China

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily reports, “News about North Korea’s export of 120,000 workers to China appeared for the first time on Chinese Mainland media. The first group of them, about 30 in number, have already worked for nearly 6 months in a hotel at Jiangsu’s Waxi Village, the richest village in China. They are mostly college graduates aged 20-odd, working in service trade with major job responsibilities of singing and dancing.

“Their monthly salary of about 6,000 yuan (US$942) was paid by their employer directly to the North Korean government.” They themselves only get 150 yuan (US$23.55) pocket money per day. According to reports, they provide wonderful singing and dancing services but live a dull and mythic life.

Guangzhou’s “South Weekend” reports: “Bai Yinyu, a North Korean girl working at Longxi International Hotel, Waxi Village is a graduate from a university in Pyongyang majoring in commerce. She is beautiful with white skin and is able to speak in standard Chinese about all the items in the menu.

“There are 30-odd North Korean girls all working along with Bai Yinyu at Longxi International Hotel, Waxi Village. The first batch of them arrived at the end of last year. They all live together in a collective dormitory.

“A person responsible for propaganda in Waxi Village confirmed that those girls were North Korea’s export of labourers to China. It is inappropriate to reveal their number and North Korea requires that no photographs or video recording shall be taken of nor press interview be made with them.

“Those North Korean girls are but the first batch of the large number of exported labourers. According to South Korean media, North Korea will send 120,000 workers to work in Dandong, Tumen and other areas in China. China has already made a plan to receive large numbers of North Korean labourers.”

“This is an unprecedented large scale,” said Cheng Yujie, a Chinese expert on North Korea. It is a major measure adopted by North Korean new leader Kim Jong Un after consolidation of his political power and is perhaps a sign that North Korea begins to follow the line of economic opening up.

The North Korean girls’ major jobs are singing and dancing performance, but they also serve as waitresses when they do not give performance. They sing Korean and Chinese songs well with good voice comparable with hot Chinese and Korean stars.

The hotel and its customers are well satisfied with their services. Compared with rural girls employed from Anhui and other places, they are much better in their style of conversation, manners and appearance. According to the hotel, North Korean girls have made the hotel more attractive.

Due to the reputation of their songs and dances, quite a few rich people came to enjoy their exotic performance. Local people also want those girls’ services when they hold wedding banquets.

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  2. Is it really a sign that North Korea will open itself economically or just a new strategy of the government to earn money?



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