Hunan Hospital Passed Water for Vaccine

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says, according to Hunan’s, a hospital in You County, Hunan Province was exposed to have deceived people by passing water for crystalli vaccine to be injected in children in order to make fraudulent money. The hospital charged 168 yuan (US$26) for an injection but injected water into the child after receiving the payment.

It so happened that a few days ago, Ms. Xiao of Yatangpu Township, You County, brought her grandson Fengfeng to the township hospital for crystalli vaccination. She paid the fee according to the doctor’s instruction, but the doctor’s action appeared suspicious to her. He neither wrote a receipt for her nor told her to take the medicine from the dispensary, but picked up a syringe and a bottle of water and injected the water into Fengfeng’s arm.

Ms. Xiao directly expressed her doubt to the doctor, Liu by name, but Dr. Liu insisted that what he had injected was the vaccine. Hu Bin, the deputy principal of the hospital present at the site, claimed as an eye-witness that he could “guarantee what has been injected is the vaccine”.

When Ms. Xiao was back at home, she told her son and daughter-in-law about the incident. The whole family was worried about Fengfeng’s health. Ms. Xiao went to the hospital to ask for further investigation on Monday. The doctor admitted then what he injected was distilled water instead of the real vaccine.

Local people burst in uproar when they learnt news about the incident. They said that they have always had great trust on the doctors, but now some people exploited their trust to cheat them for evil gains. They do not know how many of their children have become victims of the doctors’ frauds.

In my book, I described the emergence of the empire of lies and trickery in Chapter 17 commencing from the section “The Establishment of the Empire of Lies and Trickery”. I described how the whole nation followed Mao’s example of lies and trickery that he played in trapping intellectuals by seducing them to criticise the party and then persecuting them as rightists.

Since then almost everybody has learned from Mao very well in conducting deception, and there was no mutual trust between the people and their government and among the people. The whole nation has been corrupted by Mao Zedong’s bad example.

The lack of trust and the rampant corruption remain even now. Even doctors have been corrupted by Mao and resorted to trickery to make money. They have destroyed the last remnant of trust between doctors and patients. Corrupt doctors cheat patients and indignant patients attack doctor with violence for maltreatment they suspect due to lack of trust. That is the wonderful legacy China’s great leader left to his country. Long live Chairman Mao!

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