Rules banning rampant academic cheating in China ‘lack bite’

In my post “Hunan Hospital Passed Water for Vaccine” yesterday, I point out that Mao’s example of lies and trickery in his Anti-Rightist Campaign in 1957 has corrupted the whole nation and made even hospitals cheat their patients.

Today, SCMP reports on the draft of rules to deal with the problem of rampant lies and trickery among Chinese academics. Chinese academics traditionally had high moral standards, but quite a few of them have also been corrupted by Mao, a tyrant whom quite a few people in and outside China still regard as a great idealist. Long live Chairman Mao! May he continue to corrupt Chinese people by his wonderful examples!

SCMP reports: “Tough regulations to be introduced at mainland universities later this year will do little to counter rampant plagiarism and falsification of academic papers and qualifications, or deter institutions from covering up offences, a number of academics say.

“As the list of disgraced academics grows longer, instances of scientific fraud continue to damage China’s reputation as an innovator and its ambition to become a global leader in research.

“The Ministry of Education is seeking public comment until August 16 for its draft regulation against academic fraud in higher-learning institutions. Under the proposal, colleges will disqualify applicants for graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees if they commit plagiarism or fraud in their degree theses. Further bans could be imposed on obtaining other degrees for three years from any university or institute. Degrees that have already been awarded shall be revoked if such misconduct is found.

“Tutors of students who commit fraud could also be suspended, removed from their posts or even sacked, and universities or institutions with multiple plagiarism incidents could be disqualified from granting degrees by the State Council or provincial academic degree committees.

“The results of investigations into academic fraud will be written into a violators’ academic records. If the student is a civil servant or an official at a government department, the records will be made available to superiors.

“Ghostwriters, either for students or teachers, will also be punished.

“Despite such far-reaching rules that target all people involved in plagiarism, some educators doubt these will expunge deep-rooted academic habits.”

In my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements”, I describe how China became an empire of lies and trickery in Chapter 17 commencing from the subhead “Establishment of the Empire of Lies and Trickery”. Since such habits of lies and trickery originated from China’s “great leader” Chairman Mao in 1957, they have become not only rampant but seem inveterate now after decades of development.

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