Hong Kong teachers vow to fight against brainwashing imposed by Beijing

Hong Kong is preparing for a new march against the school reform imposed by the communist government, which obliges classes of “national education”. Civil society joins the battle first launched 10 years ago by the Catholic Church and say they are ready to resist this new abuse.

After the Catholic Church, the Christian denominations, parents and even publishers, teachers in Hong Kong are opposing the education reform imposed on the Territory by the Beijing government. The project does not have clear boundaries regarding implementation and content, but requires the introduction of new courses defined by Cardinal Zen as “brainwashing” in favour of a rhetorical patriotism to mainland China.

It all stems from educational reform desired by the Chinese central government in 2002 and launched in 2004. It provides every school – from elementary school onwards – be prepared for non-defined “classes of National Education”, a topic that should be treated as a separate subject. From what has so far been said, the subject’s aim is to enhance China’s great economic scientific and popular achievements, but silence, for example, discussions on the Tiananmen massacre. The Hong Kong union of teachers (Hkptu) joins the chorus: the president of the union Ip Kin-yuen said that the plan to boycott the start of classes “is still on track,” but added that the government will be given the first opportunity to explain himself.

In any case, says Ip, the union is opposed to it. “Class boycotts are not the end, but the means in the campaign against the brainwashing national education. But we will do it step by step to achieve the goal. ”

Meanwhile, the Territory is preparing another demonstration for 2 September next that will gather tens of thousands of people near the government buildings in Hong Kong to protest against the reform. The spokesperson for the group of parents concerned about the national education, Linda Wong Shui-hung, said: “The government has remained deaf to our requests. So we hope to go to their working place and tell them what we want.”

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