China’s Hu and Wen blasted by party paper editor

Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao

While Chinese media have kept on praising outgoing leaders Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao’s “golden and glorious” decade, Deng Yewen, a senior editor of the Party mouthpiece Study Times, “launched a blistering broadside” at Hu and Wen, “accusing them of stalling long-overdue political reform and brewing a legitimacy crisis.

According to SCMP’s report by Shi Jiangtao from Beijing, the problems Deng listed “included stagnant economic restructuring, pollution, income disparity, the notoriously outdated family planning and household registration polices, a looming energy crisis, moral degradation and the country’s battered international image.”

Unfortunately, those are indeed China’s serious problems that Hu’s and Wen’s successors have to deal with.

Still we cannot deny Hu and Wen made achievements in high economic growth, improvement of people’s livelihood, establishment of a social security net, establishment and improvement of China’s legal system and rule of law, and many other things.

At the time when Hu and Wen took over from Jiang Zemin and other leaders, like their successors, they faced similar and even more serious challenges and people outside China predicted then that China might collapse. Therefore, do not underestimate the Chinese leaders’ talents. Leaders who have turned China from a poor country into a better-off and powerful nation will be praised in Chinese history.

However, as China faces such a lot of serious problems, it is now better to remind people of the seriousness of the problems than praising past achievements. If the next generation of leaders is not wise and talented enough, China still may collapse.

Hu and Wen are great in their repeated urging of the Party to be mindful of possible danger in times of peace. Wen has time and again said that without political reform China may lose what it has achieved in three decades of reform. In Hu’s swansong speech, he also said, “A wider-reaching and fuller people’s democracy should be developed to ensure that the people conduct in accordance with law, democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic administration and democratic supervision.”

However, Tiananmen heroes should first of all be praised for that. They almost overthrew the Party’s rule. As pointed out in my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements”, the pervasive fear they have caused throughout the Party, has forced the Party to choose wise leaders and the leaders to run the country carefully.

Deng Yuwen’s article obviously reflects the jostling between Hu’s faction and another faction. Without powerful backers, how could Deng be so bold to as to  publish such severe critiques.

In fact, Jiang Zemin’s close associate made implied criticism of Hu and Wen’s generation of leadership long ago. On January 18, former premier Zhu Rongji broke his silence and gave a 9-minute impromptu speech to Bureau-chief officials in Shanghai, in which he recalled his work in Shanghai under the leadership of President Jiang Zemin.

He recalled what he said then: “We will have a satisfactory clean government in Shanghai, and Shanghai will be able to achieve successes however great if only we watch closely our 506 bureau-level officials and give play to their talents.”

Obviously, Zhu was unhappy with the corruption under Hu and Wen’s rule.

SCMP’s full report


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