Harsh rules on migrants’ education opportunities in China

Yuan Guiren

SCMP reports today: “Migrant parents are unhappy with new State Council guidelines that set harsh rules for deciding which of their children can sit high school and university entrance exams in the cities where they live.

“They say the restrictions will deny their children the chance of an education.

“Minister of Education Yuan Guiren said yesterday that aside from existing criteria that requires the migrants to have stable jobs, ‘stable residency’ and contribute to social insurance, cities could also set rules, such as when the children attended school in those cities.

“He said local governments would also set their own policies based on what type of skilled workers they were trying to attract.”

Yuan’s comments mean that local governments can set rules and policies to protect the vested interests of local permanent residents.

This kind of turf protection and discrimination is common in the world, even in developed countries, but I hope talented leaders with moral integrity in China will have the courage and wisdom to eliminate them.

If fortunately for China there are such leaders, they must have the vision that the unfair education system will block the way for lots of talented children of migrant workers to excel and play their brilliant role in China.

Quite a few talented Chinese scientists and engineers including Shi Changxu who developed the materials for China’s top military aircrafts, returned to China from the US due to the racial discrimination there.

Moreover, if talented people are not allowed the proper way to succeed (education is the major way), they may be recruited by organised crime or radical political parties and make it even more difficult for China to maintain the stability it has so desperately wanted since Tiananmen Protests.

Read the full SCMP report

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