China’s Jiang Zemin remains the core of party leadership

Jiang Zemin

SCMP said in its report from Beijing yesterday titled Long after retirement, Jiang Zemin continues to exert his influence: “The former party chief may have retired a decade ago, but his lingering influence makes him one of the most powerful men in China

“Retired state leaders traditionally shun public appearances – and making headlines – apart from on special occasions such as National Day. However, former president Jiang Zemin has periodically found himself in the limelight since his gradual political exit nearly a decade ago, making him the most active retired leader in this dynastic-style, communist-ruled nation.”

It proves what I pointed out in my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” that China’s political system now is the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Dynasty with a core similar to an emperor and that Jiang remains the core after his retirement. That is a system designed by Deng Xiaoping. Deng, though retired, had the dominant power like an emperor, a position Deng called the core of the collective leadership, while people outside China called paramount leader.

When Deng appointed Jiang General Secretary of the party, he said that he would not rest at ease until Jiang became the core. Now Jiang has actually been the core for many years, but China’s system is so unique that people still cannot get used to such a reality in China.

When Zhao Ziyang was the general secretary, Deng regarded Politburo Standing Committee members as “daughters-in-law” while Deng himself was the “mother-in-law”. Jiang certainly is better. Hu Jintao who succeeds Jiang as the general secretary, can act as the general secretary instead of being a “daughter-in-law” but only people who do not have Chinese perspectives may regard Hu as the top leader. Jiang always remains in control.

Hu knows that very clear. He opposed the phrase “the party central with Hu Jintao as the core” and insists that the phrase “the party central with Hu Jintao as general secretary” should be used.

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