China: Where in the world is Xi Jinping?

A NY Times article talks about the fact that the expected New President of China, Xi Jinping, is currently “whereabouts unknown”.

Over the last week he has cancelled meetings with two Prime Ministers and the US Secretary of State.

The fact he seems fully unavailable to attend what should be great photo ops in the run up to the leadership transition leaves me filled with dread.

We need a leadership transition with the new leaders being able to fully take the reins and steer China through the trying times ahead.

Xi Jinping’s absence, on top of the Bo Xilai scandal, and reported factional infighting are not creating a feeling of 安全感 anquangan (safe feelings) in any observing the situation up to this point.

I hope whatever the reason for Xi Jinping’s absence, he is able to make a quick return and fully show the world he has the new government in China fully in hand.

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