Vandalism and rage in China; party instigated protests with Chinese characteristics

Do not be surprised by the vandalism and rage in the recent anti-Japanese mass protests instigated by the Chinese government.

Ming Pao regards the violence as something related to the quality of Chinese people. It said in its report yesterday: “Professor Hu Xingdou of Beijing Institute of Technology says, ‘Chinese people are either obedient subjects or mobs. There are no citizens.’”

The quality of Chinese people is certainly not satisfactory and requires improvement, but they are neither “obedient subjects” nor “mobs” under proper leadership.

Look, how orderly they were during the mass protests of the June 4 democracy campaign in 1989 when they were lead by Chinese elite, the Tiananmen heroes! They were certainly not mobs.

Look, how bravely they rose up to demand press freedom and democracy! How bravely they blocked the advance of the soldiers and died or were injured to protect the students at Tiananmen Square! They were certainly not obedient subjects of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Dynasty.

However, we are clearly aware of the wanton violence in the Mao-instigated Red-Guard campaigns, under Mao’s leadership, during the notorious Cultural Revolution.

I said in my book Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements: “Chinese people perhaps can most easily be turned into mobs. It is interesting that even elite Chinese college students can easily be turned into mobs. Mao’s success in turning students of the prestigious Peking and Qinghua Universities into mob Red Guards proved that.”

The violence in the anti-Japan protests has proved that once more. Certainly, we need not mention the Boxer Rebellion and Taiping Rebellion.

Charismatic despots like Mao may easily turn Chinese people into mobs.

However, with opening up, economic prosperity and development of education and culture, we now see clear signs of improvement in people’s quality.

SCMP says in its report titled “Beijing leaders ‘walking a tightrope’ over violent anti-Japan protests” today, “Some protesters in Guangzhou and Shenzhen displayed banners calling for political reforms and greater democracy – taboo topics on the mainland.”

Angry Chinese protesters may force Chinese government to fight a war with Japan that may involve the US that China cannot win. If the government does not fight, there may be mass protests on a scale larger than Tiananmen Protests that may cause the Communist regime to collapse as pointed out in my post “War between China and Japan Imminent” yesterday.

We shall be well aware of the danger of a war between China and Japan that may involve the US and others and grow into World War III.

The UN, US and other countries, as well as the international media, should urge China and Japan to resolve their disputes peacefully.


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