Bo Xilai involved in Wang Lijun’s case but cannot be prosecuted

Wang Lijun

Hearing of the case of Bo Xilai’s close assistant Wang Lijun was over yesterday, but Bo Xilai was not mentioned either by the court or the media.

However, as Wang’s crime of taking technical spying measures on various people without approval or through faked formalities of approval may refer to what was rumoured about his spying on Hu Jintao and other leaders.

He may have done so due to instruction from Bo Xilai, but as the hearing about that crime was carried out in secret, we do not know whether Wang indeed spied on top leaders and whether Bo was involved. If Bo was involved, Bo will certainly be prosecuted for that.

It seems that Bo was clever enough not to leave any documentary evidence on that; therefore, if Bo gave instruction on the spying orally without any other person present, there will not be enough evidence to accuse Bo. Otherwise Bo would have been deprived of his NPC membership in the recent meeting of NPC Standing Committee.

Hong Kong papers reports on the trial:

According to Ming Pao and Singtao Daily, the two half-day hearings of Wang Lijun’s case of bending the law in some people’s favour, attempting to defect, abusing power and taking bribes finished today.

Ming Pao says: The prosecutor accused Wang of bending the law in Gu Kailai’s favor by knowingly covering up Gu Kailai’s crime of murder, betraying his country by fleeing to the consulate of a foreign country, taking technical spying measures on various people without approval or through faked formalities of approval and taking bribes worth 3.05 million yuan of Renminbi.

However, the prosecutor said that there were grounds for mitigation: First, he later asked Chongqing Public Security Bureau to reopen the case of Gu Kailai’s murder of Neil Heywood, supplied evidence for investigation and preserved physical evidence.

He has thus played an important role in helping the public security organ crack the case. Second, he surrendered himself to the authority.

Xinhua, the official news agency, says that the court has served a copy of the prosecution to Wang Lijun, the defendant, informed him of his litigation rights and obligations and notified his lawyer to interview the defendant and review all the files of the case to safeguard Wang’s litigation rights.

As Wang’s crimes of attempting to defect and abusing power of office involved state secrets, the court did not conduct an open hearing yesterday on the said crimes, but the hearing today on his crimes of taking bribes and bending the law in some people’s favour was conducted in the open.

At the court, the prosecutor produced relevant evidence. Cross-examinations were carried out by Wang and his lawyers. Both parties fully expressed their opinions. Wang’s relatives, reporters from media, NPC deputies, CPPCC members and people from various circles were present during the open hearing.

Singtao Daily said: Yang Yuquan, spokesman of Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court said that Wang pleaded guilty of all counts of his crimes and he was in good health now.

Yang pointed out that Wang’s crime of bending the law in Gu Kailai’s favor is especially serious while that of defect is also serious and that Wang should also be liable for his other crimes.

Yang also mentioned the grounds for mitigation provided by the prosecutor.

He said that the hearing was over and verdict would be given at the time decided by the court.

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