Protesters stage anti-China rally in Tokyo over Senkaku Islands

Toshio Tamogami

A group of about 1,400 activists staged a mass anti-China demonstration in Tokyo on Saturday, vowing to defend the Senkaku (Diaoyu or Diaoyutai) Islands and safeguard Japan‘s territorial integrity.

The activists, mostly men of middle age or older, were from the Ganbare Nippon! National Action Committee, a right-wing organisation founded in 2010, which is headed by former Air Self-defence Force chief Toshio Tamogami.

The protesters in four columns began their march from the city’s Aoyama Park at around 3:00 pm and proceeded to the Chinese embassy an hour later.

During the rally, they chanted anti-China slogans like “Senkakus belong to Japan since ancient times,” “Defend the Senkakus Islands to the last drop of blood,” “China, stop invasion of Japan” and “Halt violence towards Japanese.”

It is the largest demonstration the group has organised since the flare-up of the territorial row between China and Japan over the islands in the East China Sea.

In China, thousands of people have taken part in protests in several cities this week against the Japanese government‘s move to nationalise three of the uninhabited islands.

The island chain is also claimed by Taiwan, which refers to them as the Diaoyutai.

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