China: Wen Jiabao will strive for political reform after retirement

Wen Jiabao

According to Ming Pao, three times within ten days, China’s soon-to-be-retired premier Wen Jiabao mentioned in public his retirement and stressed the importance of political structural reform.

Analysts and Beijing scholars believe that it indicated that Wen will not rest after retirement and will remain leader of the reformists in the Party to continue to promote reform.

During his recent visit to Europe, Wen said “we must persist in political structural reform, promote social fairness and justice, develop democracy and the rule of law and let everybody have the rights of freedom and equality.”

He said that it was the last time during his tenure to visit Europe and “I will soon leave my work position. Though returned to mountains and forests as a hermit, my heart will always be connected with the state and people.

“I fully believe that my motherland will grow increasingly stronger day by day and the people will become increasingly happier day by day.”

Academics believe that by those words he hinted that he would not rest after retirement.

Since the beginning of September, Wen’s activities have increased sharply. He conducted various activities of inspections, meetings and speeches, almost without rest.

Wen also mentioned the topics of his retirement and political reform in his speeches on September 11 at Davos Forum and on September 14 to the students of Qinghua University on September 14. In addition, Wen vigorously preached patriotism to college students in his speeches on September 10 and 14.

Analysts and academics believe that Wen time and again displayed his firm mindset for political reform not merely as an individual but also on behalf of the reform faction behind him, and that he raised the banner of patriotism to win more support for political structural reform.

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  1. The world would be a safer place today if he had tried before retirement. But maybe he was too scared of the PLA.


    • It’s not that simple, it’s the same scenario between the Republicans and Democrats that nothing gets passed in congress. In China, the political system is quite similar, there are conservative hardliners and reformist.


  2. Reblogged this on Chindia Alert: forewarned is forearmed and commented:
    If this article is correct, then it is good news, indeed. Mr Wen may yet achieve what he didn’t quite do while Premier for a decade. It all depends upon whether then new top two leaders (probably Xi and Li) are pro-reform or not.



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